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Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Typically hearing loss occurs gradually and may be somewhat difficult to detect by the individual. There has known to be great variability in how a person with hearing loss functions in different listening environments. That being said, often times, family and friends are more likely to notice your hearing loss before you do. One of the most common signs of hearing loss is being told that you have a hearing loss by others. Due to the slow progression of most hearing deficits, it can take up to 7 years to actively seek treatment. In fact, less than 30% of adults over the age of 70 with hearing loss who benefit from amplification wear hearing aids.

Difficulty with the level of sounds around you such as the following:

  • You ask others to repeat themselves 
  • You cannot hear as well on the telephone or cell phone 
  • You are told that you are watching television louder than others 
  • You have trouble hearing women and children's voices 
  • You have difficulty hearing sounds like the doorbell, teapot kettle or the rustling of leaves 
  • You have difficulty hearing others that are behind you, at a distance or in another room
  • You miss important information at work meetings or telephone conferences 

Difficulty with clarity and speech understanding

  • You find yourself having to concentrate really hard to understand or follow the conversation
  • You feel like others are mumbling or slurring their words
  • Certain television or radio programs will be difficult to follow
  • More fast pace conversations or speakers will not always be intelligible

Difficulty understanding in noise environments

  • You may understand others in quiet one-to-one environments
  • You may have difficulty hearing others in the presence of background noise such as in a restaurant, kitchen or while the television is turned on.  
  • You often ask others to repeat or respond inappropriately when in groups of more than two to three people 
  • More often than not, you will find yourself avoiding social engagements that you once enjoyed. 

Difficulty with safety and environment awareness 

  • You will not always be aware of surroundings and may often fall or have difficulty localizing sound.

Conditions Associated With Hearing Loss

In addition to common symptoms, hearing loss is often associated with other health conditions that can also affect your overall quality of life. Some indicators for hearing loss include: