Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Why does our hearing get damaged in the first place? Most of us take our hearing health for granted, but loud and sudden noises can disrupt it. Anything above 80 decibels can cause permanent damage if you are exposed to it for too long or too suddenly. Water coming in contact with the ear can also cause damage as it drowns out sound waves, making them unable to reach the eardrum. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% of people who are exposed to loud noises never wear or rarely wear any type of hearing protection. This kind of negligence can not only lead to permanent damage but can also increase the chances of developing tinnitus or hearing loss.

Hearing Protection with Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are designed to tailor to your ears, providing a perfect fit and the appropriate amount of protection. They protect your ears by blocking out dangerous levels of noises. When designed properly, they won't even be uncomfortable or noticeable. Ear plugs are designed for different purposes and activities, and finding the right type for you can be key in ensuring the best protection.

Types of Custom Ear Plugs

Swim Plugs

These ear plugs are designed to protect your ears while swimming, reducing the risk of infections due to water entering the ear. They provide a form-fitting seal to keep out water, while still having full situational awareness. 

Motorsport Plugs

Motorsports like drag racing and dirt biking cause your ears to be exposed to loud and sudden noises. Motorsport plugs are designed for those who wear helmets, providing a comfortable fit and protection from loud noises. They come with special filters that can help reduce noise levels while still allowing you to hear your surroundings.

Musician/Concert Plugs

Musicians are constantly exposed to loud instruments and performance venues. Musician plugs are designed to provide the most protection possible while still allowing you to hear yourself, the instrument, and the crowd. They come in filter technologies that reduce the volume to a safe level without compromising natural sound quality. 

Sleep Plugs

Sleeping with loud noises such as snoring and street sounds can be incredibly disruptive. Sleep plugs are designed to block out noises without completely blocking them out, so you can still get a good night’s sleep without worrying about noise. They are also designed not to impede movement so that you can toss and turn without them coming out.  

Noise Protection Plugs

There is also a general option to block out noise for people engaging in hunting, target shooting, or other recreational activities as well as occupational environments that involve loud noises. Noise protection plugs come in solid and filtered options. The solid plugs provide the most protection, while the filtered plugs still allow you to hear your surroundings with a lower volume. 

Custom Ear Plug Brands

At Listen Hear Diagnostics, we only work with the best hearing aids and ear plug brands to ensure the highest quality products. Our ear plugs help protect against hearing damage while providing comfort and style. Our brand partners for custom ear plugs include:

▶ Westone
▶ Starkey SoundGear
▶ Phonak Serenity Choice
Custom Ear Plugs Benefits
▶ Custom ear plugs provide a perfect fit for each ear. Well-fitting ear plugs provide the best protection from loud noises and water, making them ideal for a range of activities.
▶ They keep relevant sounds and speech audible while blocking out dangerous noises.
▶ Custom ear plugs allow for sufficient ventilation, preventing a build-up of earwax and moisture. They are more comfortable to wear than traditional ear plugs, as they hug the contours of your ear.
▶ They come in various types, from traditional ear plugs to digital designs with advanced features.
▶ Custom ear plugs are made from durable and safe materials, providing long-term protection without irritating the skin.

Consult Us and Get the Perfect Hearing Protection for You

At Listen Hear Diagnostics, we offer custom ear plugs that are designed to fit your ears perfectly. Aside from that, we also offer hearing tests and consultations to help you determine where your hearing health stands and how you can protect it. Our audiologists are knowledgeable and experienced in providing you with the best hearing protection for your needs. 


If you need custom ear plugs in Westchester, NY, schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information. You can also take our online hearing test to get an idea of your hearing health. Additionally, we offer tinnitus treatment to patients experiencing its symptoms. Contact us today to get the perfect hearing protection for you!