Signia Hearing Aids in Westchester

Signia Augmented Xperience (AX)

Struggling to identify speech from background noise is the most common challenge for hearing aid users. Signia AX uses proprietary Augmented Focus™ technology to process speech and background noise separately. But it doesn’t end there! We offer the latest Signia hearing aids and accessories in Westchester, equipped with the most advanced hearing technology.

Signia Hearing Aids
This hearing aid design combines them back for optimal speech quality in an immersive sound experience. It features two new capabilities compared to the previous technology—the Own Voice Processing (OVP™) 2.0 to deliver more natural sound of the wearer’s voice and Auto EchoShield for better echo reduction in reverberant environments. Signia AX is available in 7 styles (including the CROS variants) to match your needs and preferences.
Styletto AX
Even smaller than before, Signia AX’s Styletto features an elegant and discreet fit behind the ears with a slim receiver-in-canal design. It’s rechargeable and provides the complete Signia AX experience. It is available in CROS type for single-sided deafness.

Insio Charge&Go AX 

(ITC and ITE) Signia’s newest custom rechargeable hearing aid design is the Insio Charge&Go AX. It features a slightly smaller style that includes a motion sensor that adapts sound settings based on whether the wearer is moving or stationary.
Pure Charge&Go T AX
Being the smallest rechargeable RIC design among the Signia AX line, Pure Charge&Go T AX is a discreet yet fully-featured hearing aid option. Since it’s also available in CROS, the advanced features of our CROS AX technology are present in this design.
Pure 312 AX
This design is Signia AX’s small battery-powered RIC hearing aid. It features a contemporary and discreet style that uses a Zn-Air battery, providing a runtime of approximately 4 days. It is also available in CROS type for single-sided deafness.