Frequently Asked Questions

Listen Hear submits payment for hearing tests, special diagnostic testing and any hearing aid coverage to your insurance provider. If payment is not granted, there is a fee for services provided. By law, we are required to bill all patients equally for services rendered.

Unfortunately not all insurances will cover the cost of hearing aids. However, with every hearing aid purchase, our audiology services and warranties are included for a minimum of one to three years.
Of course! Sometimes hearing aids may just need to be adjusted or recalibrated. New technology is not always the answer right now. Call us today to inquire more about our cost of services.
No, however we offer a variety of payment and service plans at your request.
Yes! At Listen Hear, the experience of better hearing is very important to us. To help you make your decision, we offer free in-office demonstrations and risk-free hearing aid trials. After each purchase you will have a minimum of 45 days to finalize your purchase. The Bluetooth feature is compatible in most styles of hearing aids, including behind-the-ear (BTE), mini BTE, in-the-ear (ITE) and in-the-canal (ITC) styles, though each manufacturer provides a different array of products and accessories that are Bluetooth-enabled. If you are interested in Bluetooth-compatible hearing devices, talk to your hearing specialist about all of your options. Let them know of the listening situations you are in each day and the types of devices you use throughout the day. Ask to see a hearing aid and the streaming device, if required, and experience a real-time demonstration. Talk to your hearing specialist about how Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids could make your daily interactions with your world a better experience.
The type and style of hearing aid will depend most on the severity of your hearing loss, communication needs and manual dexterity. Everyone is different so our audiologist will make the proper recommendation based on the audiological results and the hearing difficulties that need to be addressed for each individual patient. Sound quality and realistic successful outcomes are our top priority.
It is strongly recommended to purchase online hearing aids or OTCs with caution. When visiting our facility, we partner with 5 major hearing aid manufacturers. We will properly diagnosis and fit your specific hearing loss and communication needs. From a referral for medical treatment to the more accurate prognosis and recommendation of hearing aids, each fitting will include the service, instruction and follow up care you will need to have a successful outcome with your hearing aids.
A pair of our hearing aids range between $2,500 to $7,000 dollars. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, it is recommended to be fit binaurally. The cost of the hearing aid will vary depending on the length of service and level of technology you choose. Premium hearing aids will improve overall sound quality and clarity while automatically filtering out unwanted background noise. As level of technology decreases, the automatic features, speech clarity and fine tuning adjustments become more limited. Following a hearing test, our audiologist will give you a hearing aid assessment to accurately determine the level of technology that best fits you.