Doctor of Audiology, Owner
  • Doctor of Audiology Degree: Long Island Consortium, St. John’s University Queens, New York
  • Background in not-for-profit, medical and hearing aid private practices
  • Specializes in diagnostic testing, adult amplification, hearing loss conservation and awareness
  • Interests in climbing, hiking, and enjoying other outdoor activities with her husband and two young boys, John and Owen

Why Choose Listen Hear Diagnostics?

Located in Westchester, Dr. Emily Esca founded Listen Hear Diagnostics to spend more quality time with her patients, learn their individual needs and personalize their hearing aid journey. As your audiologist, it is her goal to create a long-lasting relationship with you, schedule routine checkups throughout the years and determine the best hearing solutions for optimal success.

To provide exceptional hearing care, all fittings and services are tailored around precision and customized accordingly to best fit you.

▶ Diagnostic testing and consultations are performed to improve the accuracy of your hearing aid fittings
▶ A variety of hearing aids are available to demonstrate in the office or in the convenience of your own home and other environments that matter most to you
▶ Hearing aids can be fitted and programmed in different listening situations either in person or remotely
▶ Service plans are available to match your specific needs
▶ Selection, fittings and adjustments are made according to your hearing loss, lifestyle and communication difficulties
▶ Customized ear impressions and assistive listening devices are available