Accurate Hearing Test in Westchester

Listen Hear Diagnostics uses the most advanced technology available to expertly assess your hearing ability. The results are carefully recorded and discussed with you and your family. These are performed to evaluate the outer, middle and inner ear. Each test determines the function of the ear and identifies any possible cause for hearing loss. Schedule a hearing test in Westchester to find out if you have hearing loss, and if so, what kind and how severe it is.

Hearing Tests New York

Pure-Tone Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry is performed in a sound-treated room using both headphones and a bone conduction headset. A series of tones over a range of frequencies are presented to determine the lowest level you can hear in each ear. Results of pure tone audiometry will determine if a hearing loss is present and the type of hearing loss you may have.

Speech Audiometry
Lastly, speech audiometry will be used to confirm the results of the pure tone audiometry. You will be asked to repeat a series of words. If hearing aids are recommended, this test of speech cognition aids in proper fitting.
Preparing For Your Exam

Allow at least 30-40 minutes for your exam. If the exam indicates you need hearing aids, you will want plenty of time to discuss your options.
We encourage you to bring a family member or trusted friend with you. You may feel more comfortable with a supportive person with you as you review the results and recommendations.