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Hearing Aid Repair

Like any piece of equipment that is used daily, hearing aids can suffer from wear and tear, break and need repair. When this happens, a quick visit to Listen Hear Diagnostics will solve the problem. We will determine if the cause of the problem is moisture, wax or debris buildup or physical damage and identify what repairs are required.

Warranty work 

All hearing aids that are under warranty can be serviced in our office or sent to the manufacturer if necessary. There’s no cost to you and you can bring your hearing aids to Listen Hear for repair even if you purchased them elsewhere.

Routine cleaning 

The best way to get the most from your hearing aids is to have them professionally cleaned and inspected every 4 to 6 months. Even if you clean your hearing aids thoroughly each night, Listen Hear has specialized tools and equipment to clean in areas you can’t reach. Lack of professional cleaning can cause sound quality to become weak, distorted or intermittent.

Causes of hearing aid malfunction 

The most common causes of hearing aid malfunction include buildup of wax, lack of routine cleaning and care and bad batteries.  

When you purchase hearing aids at Listen Hear Diagnostics, your fitting process includes instruction on cleaning and care and familiarization with the different parts of your hearing aid.

Daily care 

We recommend that you clean the microphone, speaker and battery compartment each day. Wipe components with a soft cloth. Remove the batteries each night and store the hearing aids with the battery door open.  Talk to the audiologist about using a drying box for storage.


If your hearing aid will not turn on, make sure the hearing aid is turned on and not accidentally in the telecoil setting. Next, check the battery. Make sure the battery is fresh and the battery door is closed properly. 

If you experience whistling or feedback, make sure to clean your ears thoroughly and clean your hearing aids thoroughly. Wax buildup may prevent a proper fit in your ear.


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