Hearing Aid Donations

According to the World Health Organization, around 466 million people have disabling hearing loss, with the greatest prevalence living in developing countries. As a result, hearing aid manufacturers like Starkey and Phonak have created missions to implement audiology programs in communities across the world. Annually, hearing professionals and volunteers will travel to these countries and give those with hearing loss the gift of hearing and provide the assistance and confidence they need to become self sufficient and involved in their communities.
Community-based Hearing Healthcare
Phase 1
Train communities how to detect, diagnose and identify individuals with hearing loss. Provide recommendations for hearing devices and schedule fittings for patients and their families.
Phase 2
Fit and counsel individuals on the use of hearing devices. Provide information to family and local community members on the necessary follow up care and maintenance to improve the probability of a successful outcome with their new devices.
Phase 3
Educate the community on hearing loss awareness, treatment and rehabilitation as well as implement ongoing audiology programs for all individuals with longstanding and recently diagnosed hearing loss.
Phase 4
Create language acquisition programs with trained speech pathologists. Monitor and evaluate the follow up care given to those individuals with hearing loss as well as mainstream those involved to improve their overall quality of life.
Hearing Aid Recycling Program
As part of the mission, the Starkey Hearing Foundation created a Hearing Recycling program to encourage all people to get involved and help others hear better. Through this program, thousands of hearing aids are donated every year and given to communities that otherwise would not have access to amplification devices or treatment.
How Can You Get Involved?
To be part of the initiative, Listen Hear accepts all hearing aid donations. In doing so, we will send your devices on your behalf to the Starkey Hearing Foundation and give someone in need the gift of hearing.