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Why is Pure Tone Audiometry a Common Hearing Test?

an audiologist is reviewing a patient's audiogram

When you experience hearing loss, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Early detection of the cause of hearing loss could help you get early treatment that can improve the quality of your hearing, while also preventing it from getting worse. 

Audiometry is one of the tests your audiologist might carry out to help assess your hearing. But why is pure tone audiometry a common hearing test and how can it help you?

About hearing tests

A hearing test can help to assess your hearing, which can identify the level of your hearing loss, as well as potentially identify the cause. When you make an appointment with an audiologist, you’ll undergo various tests that will look at your inner ear, outer ear and middle ear. Depending on the results of the initial assessments, further hearing tests might be required.

What is pure tone audiometry?

Pure audiometry is a type of hearing test that uses pure tones played at different frequencies to determine whether or not hear loss is present. The test is also valuable for determining the extent of the hearing loss, as an audiologist will be able to register the decibel at which the individual can no longer here.

Being able to test a person’s hearing at different frequencies can provide some accurate results for audiologists, which can help when it comes to recommending treatments, or establishing if further investigation is needed.

Why is pure tone audiometry a common hearing test?

Pure tone audiometry is commonly used because it helps an audiologist discover where or not there is hearing loss, and to what extent. It is used by many audiologists as their primary method for hearing tests, with some of the reasons including:

  • They’re quick: Pure tone audiology is one of the quickest hearing tests to carry out. The test takes no more than 30 minutes, which is ideal for busy practices needing to get fast results for patients. 
  • They’re accurate: Accuracy is important when it comes to hearing tests. The more accurate a test is, the easier it is to determine the level of hearing loss, whether it is one or both ears and provides a steer for recommended treatment or further tests.
  • They’re insightful: Being able to determine the level of hearing loss is vital to be able to recommend appropriate treatment, and could even help determine if the hearing loss is permanent. The data received can be monitored and used for comparisons as part of regular testing to establish whether or not a person’s hearing loss has progressed over time.

What are the benefits of using pure tone audiometry?

For audiologists, pure tone audiometry is one of the fastest and most accurate tests for diagnosing hearing loss. But some of the other benefits include:

  • Very little equipment needed: Pure tone audiometry requires very little equipment. With the appropriate recordings and listening equipment, as well as a quiet space, it’s easy for audiologists to carry out the test. 
  • Low cost: As there are minimal equipment requirements for pure tone tests, there is little cost involved to carry them out. Equipment will need replacing over time but the tests themselves are low cost.
  • Valuable results: A pure tone audiometry test is an effective hearing test, that provides useful insights to audiologists. As the test is accurate, it usually results in no need for further tests and can be used to test for various types of hearing loss, including birth defects and hearing loss as a result of diseases or damage. 

Making an appointment for a hearing test

If you’re concerned about your hearing, you should make an appointment for a hearing test as soon as possible. It can be difficult to recognize the signs of hearing loss at first, but if you’re starting to notice that things aren’t right, a hearing test could help you get advice and support for your hearing. Your audiologist will be able to discuss your needs and fit you for a hearing aid if needed. With different types of hearing aids available, you could soon notice an improvement in your hearing.

Listen Hear Diagnostics provides hearing tests using pure tone audiometry and other methods to help give you the most accurate diagnosis for your hearing problems and give you the help you need to improve your hearing. 

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