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Why Hearing Loss Requires Custom-Fit Solutions

Man with Hearing Aid and Earmold

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, having access to the right type of treatments and equipment is vital. With properly fitted hearing aids, you can restore hearing function and improve your quality of life considerably.

With so many different types of hearing aids on the market, there is more choice than ever before. Manufacturers have created different devices, aimed to assist patients with varying types of hearing loss. Depending on your diagnosis and prescription, your audiologist will be able to advise you about appropriate hearing aids and equipment. However, it’s commonly agreed that custom-fit hearing aids are the most effective solution for patients with hearing loss. Delivering enhanced comfort and performance, many wearers find that custom-fit hearing aids offer superior quality in the long-term.

What are custom-fit hearing aids?

Unlike traditional, standard hearing aids, custom-fit hearing solutions are created just for you. Everyone has a unique ear shape, and custom-fit hearing aids are designed to fit you perfectly. To create your custom-fit hearing aids, a mold is taken of each ear. Technical specialists will then use this mold to create hearing aids which are specifically formulated and shaped to fit your ears.

A mold of your ears can be taken in seconds, and it’s a completely painless and hassle-free procedure which can be carried out at your audiologist’s office. Using advanced technology, manufacturers can then use these molds to develop the components and hearing aid shell so that they are in keeping with the unique shape of your ears.

As custom-fit hearing aids are designed just for you, they tend to provide the best fit. Wearers don’t tend to experience discomfort or irritation when using custom-fit hearing aids, simply because they fit in the ear so well. Furthermore, custom-fit hearing aids are less likely to move or fall out once they’re in position, so you won’t need to readjust them continually.

What are the benefits of custom-fit hearing aids?

Many audiologists recommend custom-fit hearing aids because of the added comfort they bring patients. However, custom-fit hearing aids have other benefits too. As well as being comfortable to wear, custom-fit hearing aids can deliver a more natural sound.

The quality of the sound you’ll experience when using hearing aids will depend, in part, on how close the hearing aid receiver is to your eardrum. The closer the receiver is to this membrane, the more natural the sound is. As custom-fit hearing solutions tend to be either invisible-in-canal or completely-in-canal designs, they fit more deeply in the ear than standard models. Due to this, custom-fit models are generally able to get closer to the eardrum, thus delivering a more natural sound and superior quality.

In addition to this, the placement of the microphone on custom-fit hearing aids can improve the sound quality too. When using custom-fit hearing solutions, the microphone typically sits within the ear, rather than outside of it. This means you benefit from the ear’s natural function, and that the external part of the ear can funnel sounds as it would naturally. As well as helping wearers to hear high-frequency sounds more easily, many people with custom-fit hearing aids also report that they’re able to distinguish where sounds are coming from more easily.

Are custom-fit hearing aids worth it?

Hearing loss can affect your life in a multitude of different ways, so getting the most effective treatment available is vital. The superior sound quality offered by custom-fit hearing aids is enough to put them ahead of many of the traditional options on the market. However, the comfort associated with custom-fit hearing solutions shouldn’t be ignored.

Many hearing aid users wear their aids for around 16 hours per day, which adds up to 112 hours per week or a whopping 5,824 hours every year. When you’re using a hearing aid for such a significant amount of time, it’s essential to have equipment which is comfortable and easy-to-use.

As custom-fit hearing aids are molded to your ear, they are easy to insert and remove, and they shouldn’t require adjustment once they’re in place. Unlike traditional hearing aids which often come in two parts, custom-fit solutions aren’t fiddly or time-consuming to wear, and they offer a more discreet option for wearers who may feel self-conscious about using standard-style hearing aids.

With many budget-friendly options available, custom-fit hearing aids are becoming more accessible, so you may be surprised at just how affordable they are. To learn more about custom-fit hearing aids, contact Listen Hear Diagnostics today at 347-450-9872.