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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Care Tips

Hearing Aid Maintenance

When you receive your first set of hearing aids, then you have to face the reality of owning and caring for them. Without proper hearing aid maintenance, you’ll be paying for multiple hearing aid repairs every year. While an audiologist will happily do this for you, it’s better for everyone if you limit the repairs as much as possible.

Speaking of which, here at Listen Hear Diagnostics, we get asked about the best ways to look after and prolong the life of hearing devices all the time. So, here are some of the tips we give to all our patients, along with some advice on when to take them in for repairs:

Daily cleaning

Every audiologist will tell you that earwax is a major culprit of hearing aid malfunctions. The longer you have a device in your ear, the more chance there is of wax collecting in critical places. This means you often see the microphone or speaker with wax and other dirt covering it. When this happens, it ruins the performance of your device as it just makes everything sound weaker and more distorted. You can stop this by cleaning your hearing aids every day. Don’t use any liquids or gels – a cleaning cloth is all you need. Feel free to consult an audiologist if you want to know the best materials to clean your hearing aids with.

Moisture control

If earwax is the number one cause of hearing aid repairs, then moisture is a close second. Unless you’ve bought a waterproof device, then your hearing aids can’t be around moisture. Keep them away from bathrooms or other humid environments and put them in their case whenever you’re doing anything that involves water. Likewise, moisture can build-up in the battery case, so open this whenever you go to bed at night as it will allow any moisture to evaporate. This prevents battery corrosion and improves the life of your hearing aids.

Battery conservation

It’s imperative that you conserve as much battery power as possible. The average hearing aid battery will only last for a couple of weeks, but you can get every last drop from it if you’re smart enough. The best thing to do is to turn off your device whenever it’s not in use. If you take it out to shower, turn it off. If you go to sleep, take it out and turn it off. If you just don’t need it at any given time, make sure the battery is off! This will help you get a good few hours more out of your battery life.

Hearing aid protection

When you get your hearing aids, most audiologists recommend buying a good case for them. Ideally, you should get one with a hard shell as it can protect your hearing aids from any physical harm. This lets you carry them around without worrying about them breaking in your bag or coat pocket. What’s more, you can store them in your case when you go to sleep, which protects them in case something or someone accidentally knocks them onto the floor while you’re snoozing.

Removing your device

We’ve touched upon the idea of taking out your device a few times already. Aside from preventing moisture from getting in it and stopping the battery from dying, it can also prevent physical damages. Especially when you’re sleeping! Take out your device before you sleep or do any sort of physical activity where it can be knocked or crushed. This stops any parts from needlessly breaking.

Professional hearing aid repairs

The majority of hearing aid issues can be fixed at home. If you have trouble with the volume or performance, then it could be down to poor battery life, earwax blockages or changed settings. So, when will you need professional hearing aid repairs? Mainly, they’re only necessary when part of your device physically breaks. If this happens, you should never attempt to fix it yourself. Take it to your audiologist and they can contact the manufacturer to get replacement parts and repairs. Alongside this, if your hearing aids have stopped working correctly or won’t turn on – and you’ve tried everything to get them to work – then you may need professional hearing aid repairs as well.

If you’re keen to learn more about hearing aids and how to properly care for them, then give us a call today. We offer hearing aid consultations where we explain all the various devices and how to look after them. Along with this, we even conduct hearing tests to find the best device for you! Give us a call at (347) 450-9872 and we’ll book your appointment today. Or, you can call us if you have any hearing aid problems and think you need repairs.